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We find many customers are apprehensive about having their floors refinished, or new hardwood flooring installed, picturing a nightmare of a dust-filled home. We use a revolutionary dustless sanding system by Bona, so your home stays clean and safe for your whole family.   At DLV Flooring, we strive to keep our customers informed and answer any questions or concerns they have.  If you have any questions or concerns about our installation or refinishing process, please give us a call at 816-812-3928.

We use only the finest in dust collection systems to minimize dust in your home. It works so well that we don't bother wearing dust masks. No process is 100% dust-free, but we find most customers only need a light cleaning after everything is finished.

The smell of hardwood floor finish comes from VOCs, or Volitile Organic Compounds. VOCs are nasty carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature – including xylene, toulene and even formaldehyde. Oil-based finishes are full of VOCs, and these chemicals continue to fill your house for months, even years after refinishing. DLV Flooring recommends environmentally friendly, water-based Bona Traffic finishes They're so safe that they've been certified by GreenGuard to be used in schools. While there is a slight odor, it is much less than an oil-based finish, and perfectly safe for people and pets.

We have families too. We understand that you live in your home, and shouldn't have to leave it for days just to get your floors refinished. Our refinishing process may take up to a few days, but you can stay in your home. You can even walk on the floors within a few hours of each stage. Our caring technicians can even time the process to fit around your schedule – just ask!

We care deeply about the environment. Our environmentally-safe water-based finishes, our dust-containment systems, and our electric refinishing process, treat the environment with respect – and keep your home a safe and healthy place. With DLV Flooring on the job, you won't need to worry about your family breathing in dangerous chemicals, dust or toxic exhaust fumes.

Trust DLV Flooring for beautiful wood floors.

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